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Freaky Friday

Freaky Friday

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natural black/deep red highlights 1B*32

Highlights can be quite a lengthy, and extremely damaging process on your own natural hair especially in the long run (trust me, we learned the hard way) but there is absolutely no reason you should learn the hard way too! Highlights can also be quite annoying especially if you want (or already have) long, luxurious extensions. Thankfully, this problem no longer exists because DreamTresses Hair Extensions has created big, beautiful, bombshell hair along with highlights especially for you!

DreamTresses Highlight Edition extensions color 1B*32 is a beautiful blend of off black hair with deep copper red highlights. Quite a daring fashionista aren’t we? This beautiful blend adds a warm uplifting look for anyone who has red tones in their hair, and/or for anyone who wants to experiment with any type of red highlights without worrying of the color turning brassy, and/or orange like some red highlights you get done in salons and/or at home. Looking for a daring change? This is the set for you! It also blends naturally so no one can tell you are wearing extensions.

What is the difference between 120 Grams, 150 Grams, & 220 Grams?

The difference is the weight. All of our extensions are made of the finest quality of Grade A 100% Remy Human Hair. If your hair is fine to medium and/or you are looking for length and some volume then our 120 grams set is more suitable for you, this amount of hair is suited to finer hair. If, however, your hair is medium to thicker or you are looking for more volume as well as length we recommend our 150 grams set, which provides even more hair! The 220 grams (diva length) is our biggest set and is perfect for thicker hair types Or if you are looking for Maximum volume and amount of hair!

Our Luxurious 20″ length & 24” diva length will help you enhance the look of your natural hair, resulting in beautiful tresses that are thicker, and healthier with major volume.

DreamTresses is made with custom multi-tonal highlight and lowlight design that help the extensions blend with your hair seamlessly even if your own hair shade is slightly different.

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