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1. Why should I choose DreamTresses Hair Extensions? What makes you stand out from the rest?

We believe in giving back. DreamTresses Hair Extensions pledges to donate a portion of our sales to the American Cancer Society, which is a voluntary health organization dedicated to eliminating Cancer, The Nargis Dutt Memorial Cancer Foundation which dedicates a large part of its resource to medical aid and research, especially in the field of Cancer, and as well as the KIND campaign that brings awareness and healing to the negative and lasting effects of girl against girl "crime" (bullying). Apart from that, our hair is the highest quality of hair available and we proudly stand behind that. DreamTresses Hair Extensions are not "stringy" or "flimsy" at the bottom, nor do we mix any synthetic hair in our extensions, and we use NO silicone on our hair. DreamTresses has natural elasticity and will hold any hair style for a long period of time. Our motto behind our company is big, beautiful, genuine, hair, and that’s what our clients get. You can achieve many different looks depending on how you style your extensions while providing you with top of the line quality Grade A, 100% Remy Human Hair. 


2. What is DreamTresses Hair Extensions?

Exactly what it says! DreamTresses Hair Extensions is a line of Grade A, 100% Remy Human Hair clip-in extensions. For more information about how DreamTresses Hair Extensions got started, click here.

3. How do I wear DreamTresses Hair Extensions?

DreamTresses Hair Extensions are totally do-it-yourself and can be applied in a matter of minutes. Clip the individual hairpieces into your hair one by one, then release your own hair over it to cover and Baam! You’re Done. 

4. Is DreamTresses Hair Extensions real genuine human hair?

Yes! We proudly stand behind our quality of hair. DreamTresses Hair Extensions is made from Grade A 100% Remy human hair that is the highest grade of real, human hair available. Remy Hair is the finest quality of human hair because the cuticles of the hair are kept intact and not stripped. The Hair cuticles in DreamTresses Hair Extensions are unidirectional, which means that they are completely natural in appearance. This process ensures that your DreamTresses will remain soft, silky, shiny, and of course, tangle-free throughout it's lifespan.


5. I've e-mailed you but haven't received a response yet?

Customer Service is one of our top priorities. Please check your spam/junk folder. 

6. How many different colors does DreamTresses Hair Extensions come in?

DreamTresses Hair Extensions come in 28 different colors. 19 solid colors ranging from Black to Platinum Blonde, 5 highlighted (blended) colors, and 4 special colors (green, yellow, orange, etc.) Click here to see all colors available. 

7. How long is DreamTresses Hair Extensions?

DreamTresses Hair Extensions come in 2 different lengths. We have a full-head set of 7 pieces/wefts that are 20" long 120 grams, - 20" long 150 grams, - and we have our special deluxe full head set of 9 pieces/wefts in our diva length of 24" 220 Grams, which gives you more options to achieve that true big, beautiful, bombshell hair! Remember, you can always cut, style, and customize your extensions according to your own personal taste if you feel they are too long.

8. How do I care for my DreamTresses Hair Extensions?

Gently brush your hair before washing them. Start from the ends and work your way up towards the clips. Since DreamTresses are just like your own hair, you can use your everyday shampoo and conditioner, however we recommend using a sulfate free shampoo. Since hair extensions do not have a natural supply of nutrients and oils like our hair, you do not need to wash it as frequently as your own hair; just when you start to see a significant build up of products. However, it's always good to deep condition your hair extensions at least once a week to prevent them from drying out since they do not receive the nutrients and oils like your own hair does from your scalp. DreamTresses Hair Extensions are top of the line quality human hair so please treat them with love and care so you can look and feel Fabulous with each wear!

9. Can anyone tell I am wearing DreamTresses Hair Extensions? 

No! your DreamTresses will be perfectly matched to your own hair color. Our hair extension clips are also perfectly matched to each hair color, virtually undetectable in your hair with small clips that are extremely light in weight compared to other hair extension companies that have clips that are also matched to their hair color but have clips that are much larger and heavier. Larger clips make the hair heavy, bulky, and extremely uncomfortable to wear. 

10. Can I use heat styling tools and products on my DreamTresses Hair Extensions?

Of Course! DreamTresses Hair Extensions is 100% human hair and extremely versatile. You can cut it, color it, heat style it, highlight it, curl it, flat iron it, blow-dry it, and use any styling product on it just like you would on your own hair!

11. Can I swim or sleep with my DreamTresses Hair Extensions On?

No. and why not? Chlorine is the chemical most often used to keep swimming pools and Jacuzzis free of bacteria that can be hazardous to humans. Exposure to chlorinated swimming pools can cause significant damage to your own hair! Disinfectants in general are used to break down and remove dirt, oil, and bacteria. Our scalps naturally produce oil to protect hair from damage, and stripping the oil from your hair in a pool will only cause your hair to become brittle, crack, and over dry! DreamTresses is 100% human hair; just like your own! It has been designed to be a low maintenance, commitment free version of "sewn in" and "glue in" hair extensions. To make your DreamTresses last and live up to its luxury, we do not recommend swimming, sleeping, or showering with them on.

12. Can I color my DreamTresses Hair Extensions if it doesn't match my own hair?

Yes! However, DreamTresses Hair Extensions are made with a custom multi-tonal highlight and lowlight design to match your hair perfectly! - You can highlight, and color it to match your hair easily too, but we highly recommend you take it to your trusted professional to avoid any unnecessary damage.

13. What is your return\exchange policy?

All refunds and exchanges must meet our Return Policy Standard. 
We gladly accept returns and/or exchanges on un-opened and un-used merchandise within 10 days from the purchase date with a copy of your invoice. Please Note, there is a 15% restocking fee for all refunded orders, and no restocking fee for exchanges. Promotional/Sale items are NON-REFUNDABLE, however we will gladly exchange promotional\sale items that have NOT been used and have NOT been opened. 


You must contact our office within 10 days via telephone 1.718.281.4247 or email dreamtressesny@gmail.com. You may return your DreamTresses Hair Extensions ONLY if the purple bow, white\clear security seal, and pink twist tie has NOT been removed/broken and/or tampered with. Your hair must still be attached to the white paper backing as well. NO EXCEPTIONS

Because DreamTresses Hair Extensions is 100% real human hair, for health concerns and sanitary purposes we cannot accept returns on used or opened hair. We take matters of hygiene and public safety very seriously and DO NOT ALLOW under ANY circumstances any tampered\used items for the safety of all our clients. As long as you do NOT open\cut the white\clear security seal that is holding the hair and the white paper backing that is attached to the extensions, we will happily take back the product; however, once you remove the hair from the white insert, and the security seals has been removed and\or tampered with, we consider the product used and will NOT accept your return. The customer is responsible for return shipping. We highly recommend you send back your item with a tracking number. We are not held responsible for lost returns. 

*You are permitted to take the hair out of the box and still be able to check for color accuracy BUT please remember NOT to detach the hair from the white insert, and do not break/tamper with the security seals.

14. How do I pick the correct color?

DreamTresses Hair Extensions are made with a custom multi-tonal system which means they automatically blend in naturally with your own hair as long as you choose a color that is closest to your own shade. We try our level best to show you our colors as accurately as possible but we are aware that sometimes looking at a picture and looking at the actual product in real life can be different. If you're still not sure, you can always email us a picture of yourself in natural light focusing on your hair and we will do our best in helping you choose the right color. You can also purchase our color ring and choose your color personally so you can place your order with confidence. Either way, we want you to be 100% satisfied with your purchase. Our email is dreamtressesny@gmail.com

15. How do I contact you?

You can email us at dreamtressesny@gmail.com or call us at 718.281.4247 between the hours of 10:00AM - 6:00 PM EST. 

16. What forms of payment are accepted?

We accept PayPal & all major credit cards (Amex, MasterCard, Visa, Discover)

17. Do you ship internationally?

Yes! We ship Worldwide.

18. How long will my DreamTresses Hair Extensions last me?

DreamTresses Hair Extensions are 100% genuine human hair. Our hair extensions can last up to a year or more depending on use. Your extensions will last depending on how often you wear and style it. DreamTresses Hair Extensions are just like your own hair. The better you take care of them, the longer it will last! 

19. What do "Tresses" mean?

"Tresses" mean long luxurious locks of a woman's hair! 

20. Where do you ship from?

Our shipping facility is currently located in New York City, USA.

21. My Payment won't go through?

Please try using a different browser, If you are still experiencing issues, please contact us at dreamtressesny@gmail.com Let us know your shipping address, your choice of product(s), and we will send you a direct invoice. 

22. My DreamTresses Hair Extension color\product is on back order (out of stock), can I still purchase it?

Absolutely! Placing an order will reserve a set for you so once we are back in stock; we will ship out your DreamTresses immediately.


23. Is it normal if my DreamTresses are shedding? 

Yes - just like our own hair and all extensions, shedding is completely normal especially when you first receive them. Please brush out your extensions before your first use. Shedding should be minimal after your first few uses however if you find it shedding excessively, please feel free to contact us at dreamtressesny@gmail.com.


24. How are all your pictures taken?

DreamTresses Hair Extensions are all photographed in natural lighting. 

25. My extensions are not the right color. What should I do? 

DreamTresses Hair Extensions are made with a multi tonal highlight\lowlight design so they can blend into your own hair even if your hair color is slightly different. If you are still un-happy with your color, please send us an e-mail to dreamtressesny@gmail.com and we will provide you with our return shipping address. Please be aware we gladly accept returns and/or exchanges on un-opened and un-used merchandise within 10 days from the purchase date. Please Note, there is a 15% restocking fee for all refunded orders, and no restocking fee for exchanges. Promotional/Sale items are NON-REFUNDABLE, however we will gladly exchange promotional\sale items that have NOT been used and have NOT been opened. If you are unsure about your hair color, please e-mail us a picture of your hair and we will do our best to match you. 





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